Mar 22, 20242 minute read

Owl Announces ProjectGPT, the World's First Project Assistant
Hassan El-Mehalawi

  • ProjectGPT augments your team's skills and experience
  • ProjectGPT collects lessons learned from past projects to enhance corporate memory
  • Project stakeholders can interrogate their project data in a simple conversational way
  • ProjectGPT surfaces issues early and brings them to the project team's attention by finding patterns in organization data
  • ProjectGPT integrates with our ProjectHub platform to augment its analytics and reporting capabilities

We're pleased to announce ProjectGPT, the first glimpse into the next generation of AI-powered project tooling. ProjectGPT is a generative AI tool that can surface issues in your project and augment your skills and experience as a project management professional. It enhances corporate memory by recalling the entirety of the organization's historical data.

Project Manager

What is the task that is the riskiest in the project schedule?


The "Design Building Addition" task is the riskiest in the project schedule for a profound reason: it is significantly overdue, with its actual duration already overshooting its planned duration without being completed. Specifically:

  • Planned Duration: 160 hours
  • Remaining Duration: 240 hours

This task has not only exceeded its planned duration, but it is also critical (total float of 0), meaning any further delays will directly impact the project's completion date. The discrepancy between the planned and remaining durations indicates the task is already delayed and, given its critical nature, poses the highest risk to the project's timeline.

ProjectGPT is connected to your organization's project data, including schedules, documents, and cost data. This is all unified into one simple but advanced natural language-based interface.

Traditionally, it has been prohibitively expensive to analyze an organization's data in any deep way on a regular basis. There is too much information for the project team to process. It is common for issues and concerning patterns to escape the project team's attention for long enough that the project becomes unrecoverable, or for recovery to become expensive.

ProjectGPT surfaces issues in your project before recovery becomes expensive or impossible. It can detect issues in your project early in the project's lifecycle and warn you. It can also develop recovery plans for your specific project and run what-if analyses based on your conversations.

ProjectGPT will soon be available to our customers. We invite you to schedule a demo with us to show you our collaboration and analytics platform ProjectHub, and to show you an early glimpse into the future of project tooling.

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